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Municipalities can significantly contribute to the energy transition and the achievement of the Kyoto objectives: Due to their steering and decision-making powers in many crucial policy areas, e.g. land allocation and use, and owing to their innovative pre-commercial procurement possibilities (e.g. buildings, vehicle fleet etc.), they can implement methods and technologies and act as role models for citizens and companies. To utilize this influential role of municipalities for the implementation and dissemination of new energy and mobility technologies is the key idea for this project.

Methodically based on a comprehensive analysis of existing data (emission balances, geographical, demographical, economic figures), questionnaire-based interviews with municipal representatives and additional research (literature, interviews with experts), the project establishes the status quo in regard to: a) the current use of climate technology; b) the energy demand, emission balances as base for future reduction possibilities; and c) budgetary, personnel and institutional framework requirements, socio-economic and gender aspects. Based on these data, best-practice examples will be analysed and refined. Simultaneously, an analysis of the potential of innovative new energy and mobility technology (both market-ready and pre-commercial) is conducted, focussing on their ability to reduce emissions, cost-benefits and implementability on municipal level.

The results of this technology assessment reflect the supply and demand side. On their basis an action plan climate technologies will be elaborated. European objectives concerning public procurement, energy and climate policies on municipal level (Convenant of Mayors) will be incorporated. At the same time, tools to support the implementation of the action plan will be developed (e.g. algorithms to find out best fit technologies according to different municipal types, a monitoring tool). Both in the research and implementation phase, the project involves municipalities directly and indirectly (via Klimabündnis, e5, technology advisors) and informs them about state of the art technology and the European objectives.

The concrete project outcomes are: a comprehensive status quo analysis of the energy political relevant municipal framework conditions, best practice examples, a technology database and a concrete action plan climate technologies, including application-oriented tools for municipalities and action plan officers. The final report will contain all project results as well as the evaluation and recommendations for the future.

The complimentary scientific, technical and organisational competences and experiences of the consortium (akaryon (www.akaryon.com), ÖGUT (www.oegut.at), Austrian Energy Agency (www.energyagency.at) as well as the implementation orientation and the involvement of the demand carriers (Klimabündnis (www.klimabuendnis.at), e5 (www.e5-gemeinden.at) ensure both the target achievements and their long-time application and implementation.


Life span of the project: 24 months, Feb. 2012 – Jan. 2014


Work packages:
WP 1: Coordination and Dissemination; Project leadership: akaryon
WP 2: Climate protection in Austrian municipalities: Status quo analysis, Interviews with Austrian municipalities and best practice database; work package leader: Climate Alliance (Klimabündnis Österreich)
WP 3: Implementation of energy and mobility technologies in Austrian municipalities: Analysis of potentials, cost-benefit analysis and package of measures; work package leader: ÖGUT
WP 4: Development of an „action plan climate technologies“ for municipalities; work package leader: ÖGUT
WP 5: Tools for supporting implementation of the municipal action plan; work package leader: akaryon
WP 6: Evaluation of action plan and tools; work package leader: Climate Alliance (Klimabündnis Österreich)

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